Rail timetable OSE Thessaloniki Alexandroupolis and back

Do not worry so much about how you can get from Thessaloniki airport to the OSE rail station. The taxis are looking forward to bringing you to the rail station for about 50.00 €!

The city bus line 78 which stops directly in front of the exit of the airport, will bring you to the rail station for only 60 cent. And it is almost the same convenient. Just ask another traveler or the bus driver for the STATHMOS TRENO.

Only when returning from the rail station to the airport you must know, that the bus ticket can be bought at the next kiosk (peripteron) and that the bus station is located on the other side of the street. Unfortunately, there is a bus only every 30 minutes and you must calculate 45 minutes driving time to the airport.
On the Alexandroupolis map you can see the best way which you can take by feet to get from the rail station to the harbour. In the harbour itself you will find the shipping office for the fare to Samothraki. And for your convenience, here is a picture of the rail station. Because perhaps you would not expect a city with 80,000 citizens to have such a small rail station building. 

Thessaloniki - Alexandroupolis

IC Departure Arrival Travel time
  07:11 13:37 6:26
X 16:10 21:57 5:47

Alexandroupolis - Thessaloniki

IC Departure Arrival Travel time
X 07:20 13:08 5:48
  15:43 22:08 6:25

Prices (06/2012)
Simply 12,90 € with return ticket 21,00 €
IC 19,40 € with return ticket 33,50 €

I cannot take any guarantee for the timetables, because they are subject to changes, blackouts and delays. If you have a connecting appointment, add at least 2-3 hours to your planning's to ensure you don't miss it.

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